Plastic Surgery ASMR

Following me on twitter at @tiraradeguello for more updates and times for future live streams. This is a test in character. Hope you like it? Hermey The dentist lost his practice due to several people in Tiraradeguello’s audience turning him in to Doctor Andrew Michaels. All ASMRtist names and other channel names used in this video were in the audience and that’s why they were mentioned. I may do another live stream on Monday evening, March 13th, so check twitter for updates and times.
If you liked me staying in character, let me know.
Thank you, and my audience was very well behaved. I think it went well without moderation, but I apologize if anyone was offended by the nature of this video or the nature of working with a live audience. This video was recorded live in front of a random grouping of youtube users. I will announce future live streams in advance. Thank you for helping me with this live test.

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