JURASSIC ASMR – Whispered Scientist Role Play – EXCAVATION TINGLES!

In this ear to ear whispered ASMR role play the famous scientist, professor Dr. Zeitgeist is going to trigger your JURASSIC ASMR! Watch him as he examines the EGG OF A TYRANNOSAURUS REX for the first time in human history.
Listen to ASMR triggering sounds, like scratching, crinkling and brushing, whilst the professor is digging through the fossilized egg shell with his tools, to reveal the T-Rex embryo. Through this process, the professor is whispering scientific facts about the T-REX from ear to ear, close to the microphone, in binaural style.
Please wear headphones to experience the excavation sounds and whispers of this binaural ASMR role play video in full sound quality.
Hope you enjoy this ASMR video and that will help you relax, sleep and hopefully get some tingles.♥
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ASMR or “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response“ describes a pleasurable sensation (Tingles) in the scalp or spine triggered by various stimuli.The most common trigger is soft whispering. It can also be induced by crinkling, tapping or scratching different materials.

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  1. You make some of the best asmr videos I've ever seen or heard, you produce videos with such a great sound quality. Thank you for all the effort you put into these videos. I hope your channel continues growing❤️

  2. how do you only have 307 subs
    this is an outrage
    i subbed the moment you started talking, the quality is amazing! keep making videos my friend, you'll boom one day


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