Ear-to-Ear Soft Whispers – Rambling, Lip Smacking

Pop the headphones in, get comfy and listen to my voice for just a little while 🙂
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  1. I'm in my last year of high school. I go to university in August. I live in North Carolina. We don't have a dress code at my school. You're pretty much free to wear what you want. We have the freedom to use our phones and bring our tablets or laptops to school. It's pretty amazing.

  2. I was lucky to spend a good bit of time in uk schools while living there, and I can say us schools are getting more convergent and more like uk schools than when I was in grade school. Private schools in the us (the schools you pay to attend), very frequently have required dress codes like the one you described. I remember a friend was sent home with a box of brown dye after he bleached his goatee (an unnatural color for his otherwise black hair). Public schools (the ones funded by taxes) are still in many places the free-for-all that the 80s & 90s films portray, but since the government started leveraging federal support for urban development (things like keeping highways upkept) in order to dictate public school performance standards through national tests and other means, there's been a noticeable increase in things like dress codes, particularly in the inner city schools that often struggle to meet those requirements. There's been a fair amount of interesting research demonstrating that students in uniforms perform better in courses and general behavior, and more immediately, the use of dress codes eliminates some one-up behaviors among teens that can be expensive for parents to try to keep up with. After spending most of my life in private schools, I attended a very rural public high school where the morning announcements had to empathetically remind students that if they left their hunting rifle in their truck on Monday when they drove to school after a weekend in the woods, the state mandated minimal 30 day suspension. It affected one or two utterly harmless "good" kids a term, and that's something it was always pretty hard for my classmates in the uk to imagine. 🙂

  3. Love this! Very relaxing. Don't be jealous of American high schools. While I really enjoyed my experience in high school, i am glad I never have to go back! A private school would have been my preference. Do more of these!!

  4. i really enjoyed this rambling video, especially when it started to flow naturally, you should defiantly do some more like this – with the binaural mic of course

  5. Do you go to a private school? Becuase here in Canada the only dress code we would have is if we were in a private or catholic school, but other than that I think were allowed to wear pretty much what ever. My favourite class is communication studies, and least favourite would have to be history a30, which is canadian studies. It's not bad but it is extremely boring most of the time.

  6. as an american student, my favorite and least favorite classes where history. it was great because i love world history, but american textbooks are very america focused, and our history books have a very obvious near propaganda slant in how they brush over major dark periods in our country's history.plus american schools are seriously under funded. although, being able to dress however you wanted and express yourself was great. only public schools were really like that though. alot of private schools had uniforms. i went to public school.

  7. I went through my A levels a few years ago, philosophy, photography and psychology. Turns out psychology is the only thing I'm good at other than using the English language.

  8. I hope you get the chance to study abroad at some point…sounds like you would enjoy seeing what it's like to live and go to school here in the states. You may also get a second family that way,one that may be quieter! 🙂 Thx for your ASMR. 

  9. I wish we had a variety of classes like your religious studies and electives here in Texas, my high school experience would have been so much more challenging and enjoyable, instead of some of these mediocre classes we have. We have the same old stuff, psychology, Spanish, French, art, English, history and math. Good whisper video also. Enjoyed it very much.

  10. Passed out to this video last night. I love your whisper!!
    I was getting worried because im getting the immunity to ASMR and I only get it from whisperers, after searching for so long, finally it's your whisper that worked!! Yes!

  11. I'm so glad I found your channel! I was looking through perfume collection videos because I love perfumes & I saw yours, very nice collection btw. & you happen to be an asmr artist. =) I immediately subscribed! Very relaxing!


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