Dermatologist Exam and Treatment ASMR

This is an ASMR role play video in which you are receiving a dermotology exam. This video is meant for relaxation purposes and contains ear to ear whispering, soft speaking, skin sounds, ear scraping and massaging sounds, and scalp massage sounds.
*Please wear headphones to get the ear to ear effect:)
*The green screen is making my eyes look more blue then they actually are, I am still working on getting my lighting correct for that so I apologize:)

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  1. I can't believe people think this is a lot of make up. It's beautifully done. The fact that you're concentrating on that as well??? It's an ASMR video, not a make up tutorial. I was actually wondering what eye shadow you have on?

  2. This is my favorite video by my favorite ASMR artist. I noticed in your later videos that the sound quality isn't as clear as it is in this video. Is it possible to go back to this setup? :)

  3. are you wearing contacts? either way your eyes are mesmerizing and i wish a dermatologist ever did any of these things lol its very nice to pretend that a doctor actually cares so thanks for the video

  4. Yet I'm still coming back to this bad boy. I've had a long night… This is still just as relaxing as the first time I watched it. 😌


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