ASMR. What’s in my Purse (Soft Spoken) Crinkling, Tapping, Scratching

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I was “tagged” by ASMRAngel to do this What’s in my Bag/Purse video. Sounds involved include tapping, scratching, whisper and soft spoken, crinkling and so on. I hope you enjoy this video and I will have another video out for you guys soon, hopefully a role play. Enjoy.

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  1. I'd like to see a guy do one of these, though it'd most likely be a "What's In My Pockets" video. "Hello, I'm ManlyWhisperingDude, and I'm going to show you what's in my pocket. Here we have some change and my phone. Thanks for watching." 

  2. I always feel bad for commenting on somebody's looks in a video, but you really have an attractive, unique look, and it helps make all your videos very pleasing to both the ears and the eyes. I start my new job (in a new city!) tomorrow, and I was glad to see an upload in my feed, so keep rocking on!

  3. M earliest memory of ASMR was when I was three and I was hypnotized by a woman at church who was digging through her purse. It's my favorite trigger. I subbed.

  4. Ahhh omg i clicked on the vid and i was like "i remember an asmr vid with a username Brittany" and then u started talking and i recognized u!! I didnt realize u made a separate channel from the one vid i saw so now im all happy :3

  5. I would LOVE it if you'd make another purse rummaging video or a make up bag rummaging video! whenever I think of sounds that tingle , I usually search your channel and two other ASMRtist's channels to find it– so i was surprised to only see one of these from a while back. youve got so many greats<3 more plastic/tapping/makeup bag /purse rummaging pleease 😉


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