ASMR: A Day In My Spiritual Life (crystals, meditation devices, more)

Hey ASMR Poopsie! Here is a video based upon a day in my spiritual life. Here I sit in a chair and give you an insight into my daily world. I showcase the crystals I use and practice with, such as purple amethyst, citrine, pyrite, clear quartz, rose quartz, selenite, tigers eye, green aventurine, malachite, jade, and black obsidian.
I’m also showing you how I meditate using candles, Tibetan meditation bowls, and my weekly practices with sage, incense, oil warmers / burners, and my Himalayan salt lamp…
I also explain at the end what spirituality means to me, my interpretation of it, why I do it, and why I see the world the way I do, basically… if that summarizes it up for you. It can be quite a difficult subject to explain as it has various meanings with various people. It is up to you to decide how to look at it and what it means to you in the end I can’t tell you what to do with this knowledge. It is a journey not a destination so it is a lifelong task of self fulfillment and understandings… Best of luck my friends.

Time table to see my explanations:
01:10 – 17:45 & 23:15 – 24:08 Crystal & gemstone Showcasing & explanations of meanings
17:48 – 23:14 candle, Tibetan meditation bowl, and Himalayan salt lamp…
24:09 – 28:37 Sage / smudging & sandalwood and nag champa incense sticks lighting / burning
28:38 – 31:37 oils for oil warmers & rune stones
31:41 – 36:51 whispering about spirituality and its complexity and such… lol


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  1. I think Tony will get a lot more views on his videos (if that is a goal of his) and expand his audience by really focusing on sounds again. He has the most expensive equipment. If he rediscovers vintage Tony trigger videos and that type of ideology, the audience may be way more attentive. I'm still subscribed because I like Tony as a content creator, but I think his ASMR quality has found itself lacking in comparison to other ASMRtists like GibiASMR and RaffyTaffy amongst others.

  2. Growing up, my mom had a crystal bible that had all the meditation methods and healing powers of hundreds of crystals. It always fascinated me, and I didn't think there were many people who actually practiced it. Nice to see someone else talk about it, especially in an ASMR video!!


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