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For the newbies!

Haven’t you heard about ASMR yet? Or maybe about “brain orgasms”? Even if you don’t believe it, we are sure you have already experienced this reaction before.

ASMR is just as important as other meditational and concentrational tactiques such as Mindfulness. Not just that! Currently it’s having a continuous growth of interest. Look down in this graphic! Don’t you see? We’ll keep growing, so stay in Wixper and join now our community.

As a matter of fact, ASMR is not perceived equally by every one of us, each person feels tingles related to different sounds, images or other frequential stimuli. So, what made you feel your hair standing on end while hearing somebody whispering into your ear, someone else might have felt the same reaction while listening to the rain or to the waves crashing in the coast. Either way, ASMR it’s not a stranger to any of us.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, that is the physiological effect that results from the reaction of your body to a personal variety of perception stimuli. How? By making a connection between the two hemispheres of your brain and causing the so called “brain orgasm”. These stimuli in ASMR terms are called triggers.

What? Don’t you know the specific trigger that makes you feel tingly yet? Don’t worry, then Wixper is there for you! Have a look around the categories you like the most and we’re sure that you are going to find the specific triggers that will match you best!

Plus, if you are still intrigued about ASMR, and you want to get an academic approach, check ASMR University (https://asmruniversity.com/), their info is worth reading.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question concerning ASMR.

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Here you have an example of two testimonials from ASMR University, answering the following question: What does ASMR feel like?


October 23, 2016 at 10:09 pm

It starts from the back of my head, like everyone else says. Then goes down to my arms and sometimes to my calves. It makes me get very relaxed. Of course, ASMR videos trigger it, but when people whisper for a while to me or when the back of my head is touched in a certain way (my friends call me a cat because rubbing it relaxes me). As for how long it lasts, it lasts a while after the feeling ends.



July 19, 2016 at 9:46 am

When I get triggered to experience ASMR, it starts very sudden. It’s a tingling sensation, that comes from the back of my head, spreads all over my head and sometimes travels down into my upper arms and/or my upper back. It feels warm and very pleasant, and though the feeling itself is mostly on my head, it has effects on my whole body. I feel very relaxed, not tired or sleepy, but almost like in trance. The duration can be very different depending on the trigger, but it can last a few minutes. When I move or speak or concentrate on something different it often vanishes, so I have to keep still. The strength of the experience also variates from a very strong feeling (and the above mentioned trance-like state) to just a few nice relaxing seconds.

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