✂ ASMR HAIRCUT Roleplay ❣ Scissors, Spraying, Brushing, Styling

Snip snip snip!Prepare for some real tingles – in this FAKE asmr haircut roleplay video. Sit back, enjoy the tingles, relax and don’t worry about loosing any length.
Reset in tingles.

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Comment (48)

  1. It took me a full minute once you started brushing my "hair" to notice the incredible editing job you did Olivia. (I legitimately thought you were brushing a wig or something until I saw the brush pulling nothing). Awesome video!

  2. Thank you Olivia. This video actually remind an little intimate game I was played with my sister, we do fake haircut and fake facial care to each other and we enjoy it. I ve losen contact with my sister for a long while, really miss her

  3. I see why everyone else likes this video, for me it was a bit….meh, not your best. I get that it's supposed to be a fake haircut, but I couldn't get immersed in it at all. Combing someone's hair doesn't sound like running your finger through the bristles, pulling out the length of the hair right in front of me, which I can clearly see isn't there…. I love most of your videos, this one just didn't do it for me

  4. This might sound ridiculous but it legit makes me anxious to think about getting my hair cut (oh vanity, I can't stand the thought of losing it.) I won't watch most hair cutting videos because of this! Calling it fake at the outset actually helped me relax!

  5. "I have _____________(Blah blah blah) FOR YOU. " "I have some fake water here – FOR YOU." "I made this heart shaped sponge…..FOR YOU" etc. etc. etc. I just need a long video of Olivia repeatedly saying "For you" and I'll have tingles of my tingles.


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