[ASMR] Affirmations for Anxiety, Depression & Suicidal Thoughts (softly spoken)


I hope that this video can help you get through a tough night, but please try to seek professional help, as I am not a therapist. *hugs*

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Comment (42)

  1. I have evolution diagnoses/mental disabilities too being a bipolar-autistic and also having ocd and I make satire humour to cheer me up when I'm depressed, even about my own disabilities. I thought of a type of place that's title involves an insane asylum and a college in one and I call it "The Psychotic Academy Institute of Insanely Higher Education".

  2. let's weigh out my options here..
    A : Continue on with the abusive shit show i have to endure, the fake ass people that try to talk to me and the people who want me gone, and wouldn't even give a second thought about me missing not even in the slightest and would actually enjoy my absence
    B : Just Do it..end my life, oblige to the hopes and wishes of me actually dying, and make people happier, and actually not fuck up anything else….
    I like how B sounds..

  3. Hell Im strolling through the comments so many ppl are like 19-21 with depression you all have so much time to enjoy life and develop yourself a word of advice Im 28 now and I wish I could turn back time to when I was 22 and got busy with self improvement self love spirituality all these things instead I wasted the last y years not doing much more than wingin it through life and just working no gf no friends it sucks although its not too late all you spring chickens have the world at your feet. Live love laugh grow and enjoy 😊

  4. If it helps anyone, I always say this to motivate and inspire myself for greatness, I choose to win not fail, I choose to live not die, I will put every ounce of effort in until I can do no more. I will show those people, they tell me I can't accomplish something, but I will prove them wrong, I will show them that they said that to the wrong person. No strength isn't how long you can last before breaking, strength is how long you can last when your broken!

  5. I am 20 now and you are describing exactly how I am feeling and what I have been thinking. Thank you so much for these videos.

    It is so nice to be talked through these thoughts in a logical way. You understand exactly the kind of irrational thinking patterns we get into when we are spiralling into depression and what we need to hear to bring us back.

    Thank you so much.

  6. Thank you so much, like I had to man up to type this. I transferred out of a private school into a public one, and shit has just gone down. I've been molested when I was younger twice, I was too scared to do anything. So I began to cut myself, thinking I was the one who did something wrong.
    But my mom is a alcoholic, and my brother was a drug addict. Friends were the only thing that helped me, and an online game. I quit that game because it just got negative. I felt like shit, and my friends just said "Don't cut your self, lol."
    (I'm not joking they actually said, "LOL") They never felt suicidal, nor depressed, since I live in a rich neighborhood. They never had to suffer, since they have such good parents, trust me, I met them countless times. I'm not struggling with money. Just support, and my schools have big qualifications, I get bullied on, and I play the upright bass..And I have younger siblings.
    So homework, abuse, stress, bullying, practice, and taking care of my younger siblings, and being a good role model to them. My dad rarely comes home since he is works. He makes a lot of money even though he doesn't buy anything important. I told my mom I was suicidal and she said "Go ahead, another daughter dead."
    My old sister was a victim of bullying, and took her own life. She was a lesbian and my parents shamed her for that, I always looked up to her. I'm not complaining about my life, I'm just saying what i'm trying to go through. This is nothing compared to other people, and I know that, so I took a lot of time to think "Is this worth it?" and this helped me. Thank you so much, my dad is coming this week to get me some counseling. I'm glad I watched this this morning.

  7. I am in the same position as you but with a daughter and my mother tells me to go kill myself, take all my anxiety meds and die she says. I turned to my aunty but for her to argue with me. My whole life has been bad. the only thing ive done right is having my daughter. I am completely Agoraphobic and have severe Agoraphobia. I know I wont get a answer but its good to vent.

  8. I have been through a lot of shit for the past couple of months. This Video really helped me a bit. Thank you for doing that. I wish I could return the favor but I have literally no idea how… at least take my thanks.


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